Who we are

We are a company that provides customized, highly-complex information technology, telecommunication and solar energy solutions to a wide range of customers in Brazil, in other countries in Latin America and in the United States. We continually research new technologies to offer our customers products and services that we believe will allow for improved work performance, additional time to devote to their core business and ultimately better quality of life. We aim to improve our customer experience and create strategic long-term customer relationship by simplifying processes that depend on technology and by anticipating trends in the technology market, bringing to our portfolio complementary and synergistic products, services and brands.

We rely on our own production facilities to offer a wide range of products and related services such as broadband infrastructure, surveillance cameras, access to control systems, cybersecurity, data centers, automation and solar energy generators. We believe that controlling the assembly process of our products provides us with higher quality control and generate significant tax benefits to our operations. In addition, we were able to set up an efficient distribution and logistics network consisting of system integrators, resellers, virtual stores and ISPs, which provides significant capillarity to our sales channels.

As a result of our innovation and entrepreneurship values, we believe that we were the first company to offer technology as a monthly service (technology as a service, or “TaaS”) in Brazil back in 2013. Pursuant to the TaaS model, we lease our products to customers for terms generally ranging from [12] to 60 months, with no purchase option, for the use of the technology we provide through our products. Accordingly, our customers do not own the equipment, which (i) allows them to benefit from more frequent technology updates, mitigating the risk that the equipment becomes obsolete to their operations, (ii) reduces their upfront purchase payments and investments in intangible and fixed assets, as lease payments are recorded as expenses or costs [to the extent services are provided], and (iii) afford them to devote more time and resources to their core business. We believe that TaaS also benefits our operations by affording us (i) higher operating margins, (ii) lower customer default levels (with a historical default rate of less than 1% [in 2020]), and (iii) recurring revenue generation and long-term relationship with customers. In 2020, our TaaS contracts showed an average internal rate of return, or IRR, of over 25%. Due to these features, we believe that TaaS is a “win-win” model to our customers and us.

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